Mike Inez
Mike Inez演员

Mike Inez (born May 14, 1966) is a rock musician best known for his role as the bassist of Alice in Chains. Inez has also worked with other popular musical acts such as Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, and Heart. Inez is of Filipino ancestry. Mike Inez began his career in music by playing guitar and saxophone. Since the late 1980s, his career has consisted of the role of bass guitarist in popular hard rock bands. Discography Year Album details Band Notes 1991 No More Tears Released: 17 September 1991 Label: Epic Records Ozzy Osbourne bass/inspiration and Musical Direction 1993 Live & Loud Released: 28 June 1993 Label: Epic Records 1994 Jar of Flies Released: January 25, 1994 Label: Columbia Records Alice in Chains 1995 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Released: February 14, 1995 Label: Geffen Records Slash's Snakepit Alice in Chains Released: November 7, 1995 Label: Columbia Records Alice in Chains 1996 Unplugged Released: July 30, 1996 Label: Columbia Records 1999 Nothing Safe: Best of the Box Released: June 29, 1999 Label: Columbia Records Music Bank Released: October 26, 1999 Label: Columbia Records 2000 Live Released: December 5, 2000 Label: Columbia Records 2001 Greatest Hits Released: July 24, 2001 Label: Columbia Records Bass on tracks 6-10. Microfish Released: 2001 Label: Pied Viper Records Spys4Darwin 2003 Alive in Seattle Released: June 10, 2003 Label: Capitol Records Heart 2004 Jupiters Darling Released: June 22, 2004 Label: Sovereign 2006 The Essential Alice in Chains Released: September 5, 2006 Label: Columbia Records Alice in Chains Bass on Disc 2 except "Would?" 2009 Black Gives Way to Blue Released: September 25, 2009 Label: Virgin Records EMI Records