剧情 / 历史
2014-12-18意大利上映 / 119分钟

Italy, Second World War. After the fall of Benito Mussolini, Italy splits in two: in the South the Allies, in the North the Nazis. Guido, Angelo and Venanzio say no to this cruel dictatorship. Guido participates at the Strikes against the Nazis, Venanzio leaves the Army, while Angelo tears Nazi posters in his town. They will be arrested and sent to Germany and Austria in the horrible Konzentrationslagers. Guido and Angelo will reach Mauthausen. Angelo will be able to save his life but Guido will die some days before the Liberation. Venanzio will be imprisoned in Flossenburg and Kottern. In the 60s the two survivors meet Peppino, Guido's son, and together they decide to spend their life to witness and recount their dramatic story.

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