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F#@K I Love U

电视剧 / 剧情
IMDb 7.7

F#@k I Love U is a dramatic tale of a modern family that gets quickly pulled into a spiral of interconnected events that test the limits of their bond and mutual love. Douglas Winston is, by all appearances, the perfect family man. A well groomed and successful black politician, he, his wife white Angie, and their two sons, James and Michael, seem to lead idyllic lives that quickly begin to unravel when Douglas visits his brother J, an white irresponsible would be actor with heavy drug and sex habits. After a jeopardizing incident endangers all of their lives, Douglas is quick to blame J and his irresponsible nature, but in trying to delve into the actual truth, the strands that hold his life together quickly start to unravel into a downward spiral of twisted connections, tangled love, and intrigue that will put to the test the true limits of his faith in those he loves and who he believes in.


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