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My Mom's a Joke

电视剧 / 喜剧

Actress, ASHLEIGH NICOLE JOHNSON, needs a job and tries her best to become a stand-up comedian but she has a conflict, she has kids. With no job and no money, Ashleigh has to borrow her kids' microphone and curtain (their shower curtain might we add) to stage her stand-up comedy act. Ashleigh also has to rely upon the feedback her kids give her, before going around town and trying her comedy act on different people she come across in her everyday life as a mom...her son's teacher, the cashier at the grocery store, a mom in a toy store, the order taker at a fast food restaurant, and on and on and on. Will Ashleigh ever get good enough to have her own comedy show? Only time, and her job as a mom, will tell. Yet in the eyes of her oldest son, “My Mom's A Joke!“

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